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Life Raft

The goal of our tournament is to raise money to support cancer research as well as families in need while dealing with loved ones faced with cancer. Reading stories like Drew’s story (pictured below) makes what we work towards even more important. With each successful tournament we are one step closer to beating this awful disease.



I am sure you can all imagine that the news of a cancer diagnosis is utterly devastating, especially when that news is about your child. I could never adequately explain to you what thoughts go through your mind when you have to contemplate losing a child. However, I can explain some of the real-world burdens that compound such news. My son Drew (pictured with his dog Lexi) and our family received that news in November of 2000. Drew was valiantly treated for a brain tumor at the Dana Farber and Children’s Hospital, unfortunately the treatments were not successful and Drew died in July of 2001.

These additional burdens can include a substantial loss of income, along with the crushing inflow of expenses which can be overpowering. Ordinary bills such as food, mortgage, car payments and insurance do not stop and are compounded by additional bills including, co-pays, uncovered medical expenses, weekly or sometimes daily trips to Boston, gas, parking, over-night stays. Drew was taking eighteen medications at one time, all with co-pays and for several months he had chemotherapy treatments five days a week, making it impossible for me to work. Without outside assistance, my family could not have met these added financial burdens.

A “Life Raft”, while not a lifesaver, helps keep families focused on the most important thing, caring for their child. A Life Raft provides financial assistance to ease some burdens and can cover the gamut of expenses from gas cards, to fulfilling a child’s wish and even regrettably the payment of funeral expenses. A Life Raft floats the family above the costs that distract and drain them from their true goal of getting their child better and beating cancer.

Please support “A Life Raft” program during the live auction to support The Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Deborah Riggs